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sor of anatomj', baa been elected Dean of the Medical Fac-
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own limited experience and unusual advantages of observ-
often the only means for the early recognition of the disease,
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clearing stations. Apparently one of the chief troubles
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and indeed, in this portion of his pamphlet, stated — that no des-
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having no swamp characteristics — may be found quite as frequently.
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important than the acquisition of Grenada. In the course of
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distribution, the Commissioners conclude their report with
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main objection to Soxhlef s apparatus, the principle being
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(W. J.) A needle in the foot demonstrated by Roentgen
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70 microns; it tapers quickly and is curved on itself in a manner quite different
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posed or actual benign tumors, malignant tumors may develop in the cicatrix.
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dairyman's confidence and work with him using the police court only
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conditions. It certainly is not because they flow away in
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Public Institutions, provided they are not unduly favoured
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to median line. Slight hypertropia. Vision O. S., 1/200; O.D.
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carnivora of the same size, while the cecum is an enor-
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affecting the right side. The shrinkage of the entire right horn and the mass of sclerotic scar
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abdomen, more severe in the left iliac. The bleeding
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showing me clearly that the whole weight of the head had rested on the
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of 63 per cent. ; 148 gave an incubation of from ten to fifteen days with
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either strongly alkaline or less acid than normal urine,
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given a morning feed of curdled milk a sort of junket- 4 ounces
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the pulse was very rapid, and perspiration was profuse. She
sirdalud medicamento para que sirve
Case 160. — Operator, Lloyd, 1896. Case 10. D. region ; duration. 2
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They are far more dangerous than open privies, open
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have a septic wound upon our own person subjected to some of the scrap-
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matters, including crystals of triple phosphate, fall ; and bacteria and
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