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teresting point was tlie existence of a comparatively advanced
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inflammation of some vein, contaminating the blood by
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visible rupture, and other diseases producing in some degree similar symp-
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tures a long free flagellum is easily observed. The posterior part
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W. C. was a poor boy, ten years of age, who came into the
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ralgia, and headache. Dose : 1 to 2 tablets every three hours.
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various subjects are elucidated with great clearness, the illustrations being
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Clifford and Cole have said, the asphyxiated new-born
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of both children were quite full of potato-soup. We concluded, from
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26th. — Patient much worse; pulse 140; orthopncea and aphonia.
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entirely lost any of their mental faculties. They, however, exhibit a
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intervening evenings are devoted to the formal discus-
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structive. His book, which has been in course of pub-
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M virus in the general definition of tuberculosis repre-
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