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losis is completed, such lameness may almost, if not entirely,

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It is necessary then to say a few words on this subject. The Portuguese

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a gangrenous loop of intestine. f The patient, a woman sixty years of

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washings. This filtrate was now acidulated with hydrochloric acid and evapo-

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yet show any pathologic changes. A similar report is

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the level of the brain. The hemispheres were thrust apart in front. The mem-

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tions of it swallowed at a time. Some patients get along veiy well

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day after the first acme (figure 86), and from tlie third to the seventli day after the period

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— Is apparently well again ; walks about as if nothing had occurred.

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than any other organ of the body, is always diseased and

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pupa state. In a few days the cocoons split open and the adult in-

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facUity with which it may be administered, even when the jaws are firmly locked ;

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Ho thinks it is the duty of the family physician to examine

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from intense thirst after birth, especially for two days,

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Pterygium: — Operation. — Mr. , set about 50 years, had a

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upon so-called autoplasty, which is used to designate the

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removal of the appendix by means of lumbar incision in a

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ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure,” sug-

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dition is brought about by the advancing carcinoma shortening the

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Mental Hygiene ; or an Examination of the Intellect and Passions ; designed to show

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all know the inestimable value of the sports and games we were

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office of a public health service and it is not un-

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cervical canal is then well dilated and the cervix is then completely

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since leaving the hospital, and had taken bromide of potassium only (no

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regard to the eyesight, the opening of the skull will often to a very

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that he might be at his best for some great effort in singing.

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