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as we have seen, — years of decline and emaciation, — he endured, and, with

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above description, and absent or slowly produced diminished

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a certain proportion of antiseptic or aromatic substance increases the

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112. ScHNiTZLER. — On Aphonia Spastica. Wiener medizinische Fresse,

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due to a discharge of nerve force and not to a paralysis

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or disease of the stomach, and he came to the conclusion

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were hauled considerable distances over dusty roads,

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equalled work will be eagerly looked for by those fortunate

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cussion the stroke should be light, short, and elastic, produced by

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"• In September, 1901, Dr. Dutton went to the Gambia and in-

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tense or rigid arterial wall cannot produce any considerable secondary elevations,

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fully acting organ, valiantly striving to overcome the obstacles

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perience in this area, 20 almost all pancreas recipients have

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It is simply giving the lie to his written promise.

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joint Session of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina and the State

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the blood platelets. This defect consists of a slow availability of the

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Dr. F. M. Robinson, of Beaverton ; secretary, Dr. E. F.

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which I should not feel inclined to do from the present standpoint of

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It was curious to me that they did not introduce them-

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and the lunches and milk gradually abandoned, if the increase of weight

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aura I may refer to E. M., who is overawed with fear, she has a fixed

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seven of these cases were of the severe gangrenous septic

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to be checked, and a system of greater supervision in the

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where the death of the patient could not be accounted for, as

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ance with the accepted principles of sanitary science. That

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JoNSS, Cap. C, 4445, New York City, Baltimort: Med. OoU., Md., March jp, 1893.

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2. The placenta plays a very important role in the transmission

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examine they microscopically, and be governed entirely by the find-

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abdominal cases the sutures may be removed from the eighth to

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recorded. A consideration of the 4 postulates above will ren-

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hospital. It is not the burly, full-pulsed, red blooded

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from the decomposed faeces, or on consecutive intestinal catarrh.

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The ETioiiOGY of typhoid fever may be considered under the heads of —

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stance, the parasites may be abundant in the viscera,

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Mayhofer found in the freted lochia of patients suf-

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numerous fractures. The child died on the ninth day. Dr.

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Examination showed a well nourished woman with tendency to obesity; mask-

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The year now drawing to a close has wit- our annual gatherings will be attended re-

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to compare the two diseases, but in studying the recent most

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In addition to the many scientific acquirements of William

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