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Simpson on the Diseases of Women, edited by Dr. Alex. R. Simpson —
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of aqueous humour secreted. This result has not justified me in experimenting
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was ready and, having met with the approval of a majority of
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Guy's Hospital. Twentieth thousand. 269 pages. Fcap. 8vo. Price,
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ear when the eustachian tube is diseased. Electrolysis is by
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tubes become implicated or fever is present, in which case the respirations
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clinical manifestations. Continuous nausea and vomiting and localized
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stage, woidd be a desirable addition to the means Ave already possess.
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The spleen was enlarged and its capsule showed traces of former inflammatory disease^ by
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tation conveyed along the system of the great sympathetic is
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its use to those cases in which the culture shows the streptococci. As with the
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or even by perfect connective tissue, the urinif erous tubules also being
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stump, and then remove the ovary, lest in tightening
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Highest in sun— extremes (Tu.) 109 degs.; (Th.) 99 degs.
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the imperfect root. Occasionally, a little below the clubbed extremity,