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tion of sensibility to pain, to touch, and to temperature, but the usual fact

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elicits good resonance on percussion, with, perhaps, the dry or moist

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microscopical examination of the blood, was an important adjuvant

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that the operation should be performed as soon as possible, I

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The diastatic ferment of the blood and serum was estimated as follows :

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tremes being 3 min. 30 sec. and 4 min. 40 sec. The average duration of the

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larities which may occur in its origin, course, and

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ture. I am anxious to urge this point, again and again,

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Case 3. Double tubercular testes, ivith discharging sinuses :

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nized by the most delicate tests, and for a short time." '^

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To conclude, what is the upshot of these reflections

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duration of the chronic form may be several months. The late re-

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metrical forces at the moment of the elaboration of natural organic products —

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Obstruction may be due to the presence of intestinal concretions, or

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of, and also what I have been saying about recovery from paralysis,

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coccus mcUtensis, and usually is spread through goats'

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by, here and there, a case which I have happened to meet with.

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the latter type the sensibility of the hand is abolished, while it is preserved

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(1899-1900), remarkable for the variety of complications, I saw one case at

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but it is diffused over the whole heart surface, and the normal

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the latter is inversely proportionate to this property— that is,

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flexure of the colon. The local action of the poison on the mouth and throat