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Alba C. Edwards, Baraboo; Dr. John T. Klein, Milwaukee; Dr.
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be faulty from gross carelessness; but when the head is in the cav-
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above the pelvis, due essentially to post-mortem conditions. The pelvic
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informing the patient of the possible result, and I am
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the following winter, as well as the summer and autumnal months. A
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The Yale Mission agrees to erect a hospital at the cost of
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In cases resisting the reliable methods of treatment,
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observation in a hospital unit that has staff capable of
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sidered sufficient proof to inaugurate county-wide control measures. In
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marked, as a rule 20,000 to 40,000 or even higher. The leucocytosis reaches
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tion, as a rule, and in some cases as early as the tenth
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our progress along scientific lines. Just what these
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any other material circumstance touching your past or present state of health
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Arsenic in Herpetic Ophthalmia. — Mr. W. Spencer "SVatsou
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before another acute attack occurs. Each time a little more
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tress ; only when left quite undisturbed does it seem free from pain. As
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but the best estimate available -that of the Rural Society — puts the pro-
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Euffini. Anat. Anz., Jena, 1894, ix, 671-670.— TestuI (L.)
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1 Mdnchener raedlcinlsche Wochenschrift, June 16, 1903.
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which contains 20 grains to each i ounce, and should the
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the talk we four had together. Yet you will remember he seemed
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means, and the onus of proving that such large imbibi-
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the liOndon University, and he denied emphatically that there
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lupus erythematosus - provided the opportunity for continuity of
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was a great rattling in the joint when he moved his arm.
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Sexual Desire, The Cause of, and Cure of Abnormal. . 433
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in volume more rapidly than the little cases in which they are con-
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instant. The report stated that 3649 proposals had been
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all its associated misery and suffering, made yet so wonderful by man's own
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bility of these clots ever passing through the lungs, and afterward being
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A Treatise on Diseases of the Rectum, Anus, and Sigmoid
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uterus. This diagnosis was made chiefly upon the very interesting
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bolism and Oral Contraceptives: An Epidemiologic Case-Control Study, Amer. |