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adults. They lose their appetite, become emaciated and weak, and finally go

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intestinal conditions is very great: for instance, nearly

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is almost uniformly distressed and irritated, and vomiting comes on

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eosin in concentrations below the bactericidal limit.

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of whom it has been said that if he had not been a great

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is no fibrillary twitching of the tongue or tremor of the body

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might have prevented them from contracting, if the plan we propose had

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temperature set in. On auscultation one finds, either scattered all

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One little smoker less, one angel more. The Homoeopathic Word.

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cates a need of sexual intercourse is in danger of depleting and wasting

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of the system to the external and extreme parts. It is well known, also,

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poison of great intensity of action ; and also records the

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exorcise. Morniry wns ii iiioMt vuliiuhlo rtMiu'dv, iiiul IiikI ro-

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the haustellum is grooved anteriorly to contain the labrum, epipharynx, and

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associated with lesions, more especially bilateral, affecting the region of

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tinence or suppression of urine, a hissing and hurried breathing

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"The disturbances were, when the light was very intense,

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during this period, sometimes to return as the effusion is absorbed.

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The heart presented no lesion, and the vessels were soft, though a little tor-

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by experience, that when a tooth is painful, the herb wild mint should be torn up

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to tuberculin has been proved at postmortem to be free from tubercle.

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arborisations. In the midst of this redness, he observed several round

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extensively used, and rapidly fell into disrepute because of the

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volume of the ' American Journal of INIedical Science,' and of

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ated impetigo, or of inflamed eczema, immediate benefit

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ally increased; if not often enough the disease will gain fresh

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induce fatal cerebral disease. It does not seem proper

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Book of Caesar's Commentaries De Bello Gallico — Horace

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six cases of retinitis albuminurica not associated with

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George T., acred .37. a railway ticket collector, was admitted

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follows : — Take one-half pound of white flour, and, whilst in a

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more defined : and now they fade only, without disappearing,

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and the medulla oblongata. In the motor convolutions these