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in a state of coma, or, again, on recovery he may prove to be temporarily
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descending colon, before the kidney, to the left iliac region,
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Strassen (1907). Verhand. deut. zool. Gesell., p. iii.
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experimentation he had been able to refute this view also.
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complete. The portion on urological surgery is very
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creases the number of red blood corpuscles and thus improves nutri-
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from dangers." He was to make it public at the German
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Stamper. James F.. M.D., appointed House-Surgenn to the Tuu-
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rare it is not a conspicuous phenomenon from the clinical standpoint, and
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sion the author says surgical intervention applied to brain
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Pathological Anatomy. — The changes occurring in tetanus are
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cited by stone in the bladder, and at the end of the nose by
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periments made upon animals by means of sand infected with
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patient aged sixty-four, pus was removed by incision six weeks after the
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catarrh of the uterus may exist without causing premature delivery.
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and arm was complained of; coldness of the feet has been
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right arm without re-fracturing or in any way injuring the recently
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The lesson that the discrimination of the conditions under
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little hesitation in their diagnosis by an expert, judgment must
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rose into high repute, owing to the tact, knowledge of human
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posed uterus back into its place ; everything conspires to
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