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Ashworth, B. L, Marion, P. and S, Bait., 1893 1893 1900

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and arms, or the surface of the thorax — and is most pronounced in those legioiu

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else is at hand. Cloths wrung out in hot water to which a little

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doses of Squibb's conium returned for revision by the careful

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droplet of blood, the size of a large pin's head, is expressed. A

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diseased. In such cases we should use the ordinary solutions of nitrate

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especially interesting. Whereas normally pneumococci of Types I

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the journal articles of which we have spoken. It is in every

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woman is getting stout, indolent, sleepy, and sometimes too contented with

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is associated with duodenitis. An excellent description is given of the

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peritonitis, when no complaint of pain had been made by the pa-

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the circulation in the extremity. I have, however, never had

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affected, but the blood in the venous system is found coagulated after death,

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Note: The Council reported it is giving continuing study to

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so feeble and anemic as to be obliged to give up his accus-