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Alexander M. Atherton, at Liberty, N. Y., August 28, aged 28. He

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distinct : same as described bv Durozier, who states that it ocur&

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vision for the insane will come up again^ The county

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A. I do not think there is any good reason to believe that. I

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ment, we realize the fact that this apparent waste of

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3. Gluten Ink. Dissolve wheat gluten, free from starch, in

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afforded me an opportunity of observing the effect of puncture in the

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Neither, on the other hand, shall we paint pathological pictures

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on the third day of her illness, with a history of stridor and dyspnea

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quinine may be left off, or continued in smaller doses,

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strong enough to carry them through life without actually

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years of age. Usuall}^ it causes instant or speed}- death ; but, if the |>er-

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diphtheria of nine days' duration. The patient died of the

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sentation, and a very large child. The twins had one placenta, and it

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sellsch. zu Tokyo, 1894, viii, 4. Hft,, 9; 5.Hft., 27; 6. Htt.,

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adopted from the French, though it ia primarily <

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M. Sig. — Apply over entire scalp once a day for four successive days ;

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the moral life is indicated in the face, and its expression

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serious complication. Where this condition has existed for twenty-four

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stories — each one of them a full adventure in peace

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been well known. This volume is occupied with the subjects

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