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over-exertion, especially when combined (as in military campaigns) -wdtli

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Dr. Wynn Williams said that in the year 1857 he had had under his care two

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turia. Here again the ureteral catheter, phthalein output, and X-ray

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the invasion is uniform and intercellular, groups of two or three

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tolu, 4 ounces, white resin, IG ounces; sheep's suet,.

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occasion of his 70th birthday, when, I may say, all Europe,

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have passed away since it was penned, and it remains an

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It is possible, though not easy, to abuse atropine. It must not be used in

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from its pressure upon adjacent parts, and is always " unsightly and

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caution patients against hazardous occupations requiring com-

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There was flattening on the left side of the brain, and a con-

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crs will meet on February 14, 1895, in Philadelphia, at showing the percentage of deaths from diphtheria on

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Sept. 28. — 8.00 a. m., pulse 104, temperature 102J^; has not vomited

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The attacks are sometimes ushered in by fits of ophthalmic migraine.

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of this interesting condition in the majority of cases.

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ported cases of jaundice. Gutmann (Nuremberg) and Senator

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preternatural heat and fix its significance; and, 2d, to ascertain

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