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Take quinin sulphate, for example; it belongs to the order

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albumen, and from this we shall very probably find the key to the

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mitral valve may very readily escape detection during life ; partly because,

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round." In my letter, as printed, the word "doliL-hocephalic" is used

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it implies a doctrine which is hypothetical. The probable agency of

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The fluid extract of grindelia robusta has been highly recom-

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through childhood, and to the eve of man's estate," have it in their power to

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was that the new growth of hair was due solely to the Pilocarpine.

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already called sufficient attention to such misrepresentations. A study

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tract of the residue left after the evaporation to dryness of

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forceps, illustrated bv a single case; and its hisfory.

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attribute them to an unusual formative tendence of the ele-

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on its relative humidity and consequent capacity for taking up more

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the mortality from the operation per yaginam would be practically


that of the right ventricle ; but the columnar carnese are

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suspicious. The knee-jerk should be examined and also

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of ElsQsser (a rachitic phenomenon). Enlargement and degeneration of

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exception of tlie external auditory canal of tlie left side, those wliicli

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"You have not to bear it. These poor animals have to bear

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right angle. One of these was short, the other long enough to

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chlorosis, anct ana'Uiia from other causes, without find-

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the abdominal walls, and both splashing and stomach resonance could be

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following regulations of the General Post Office for the postage

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great liability to carelessness on the part of the nurse in

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opment are found along with cytoplasmic forms. Inoculation of the

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particles were obtained by the blood of the foetus or by the fluids

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38 Bell : A Hclieine for National Physical Education

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Richard E. Brown, died at his home in Mount Holly, N. J.,

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of pregnancy. This confirms Professor Sigmund's conjecture, that the inunc-