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such tissues as are undergoing constant nutritive changes, for which they

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successfully practised to mitigate the severity of the disease; just

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picture closely corresponds with that of acute peritonitis, and

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were published in the same year, and belong to the same group.

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Riilph l)iirkniiin, private, Company K, Second Massachusetts Vohuiteer Infantry,

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obtained that some adult has tutored the child for the occasion,

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ment of his medical course, for the final and conclusive

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0f ihe east side of the.vaUej upon small alluvial depositions,

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that the diluting solution sometimes changes some of the

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tention to the fact^ that nystagmus is to be seen at times in connection

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colic, attack when we have slept some time, or just at early morning;

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along the border of the ribs where there was a zone of

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matter, emitting a most loathsome smell, and presenting such

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— Phenocoll — Picric Acid — Pix Liquida; Deriva-

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veying away the deposits of privies and water-closets, as well as the solid

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took of these cases, whether he regarded them all as examples of cerebral

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cases of pure rheumatic ophthalmia this symptom is often absent.

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fall until death ; after twenty-four hours it may return to normal and

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to incise the cervix uteri in nearly 1,000 cases, an-

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The following general remarks hold good of both forms. Mania may

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pubhc action is it always safe to follow the first impulses

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to make long trips to the country, she says she left medicine

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that the revaccinated is hypersensitive because at this time the first vac-

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with great force. Suicide was not only thus disproved, but the act of murder

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not here enter into these moot points. His work is eminently prac-

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the swelling was found to be a multilocular one. A counter

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opium if pain be present ; the administration of astringents, such

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with the ophthalmoscope the disc could be seen to be slightly pale ; there

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moral : syphilis, lead, alcohol, fevers, injury, and sunstroke are the most

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and 6 at three months. In 29 cases reported by Kiesel-

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I have felt relief from chewing a bit of ginger and swallowing it, wind

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ing comidications. Thus the tertiary syphilitic ulcer will