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Further investigation shows that, according to its anatomic seats,
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that of any other animal, to be valued as a piece of gold
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New York has been in a condition approaching decrepitude.
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dropsy, and engorgement of the liver. On inspection, the extent
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system, which is for the most part hereditary." The subject
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ated with mental or emotional states than is possible with any other
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the nipples and areolae are aj^t to become very dark. The tint is
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excess of indican, besides leading to disorders of the kidneys, also pre-
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are frightened by palpitation of the heart, it is fair to infer that they
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Dr. MacGeegor asked the Secretary of State for War if he will explain on
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preciably thickened and pulpy, especially on the left side, and the riglit
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in other words, by true dysentery carriers. This has been demon-
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was 7 years of age. Equally marked is its tendency to affect
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patients have all the appearances of advanced phthisis. In some it
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other serious result of this complaint is a perforating ulcer of the
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In all cases of anasarca due to mitral regurgitation the administra-
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that its presence may be wholly overlooked, but this patient can com-
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produced by amyl nitrite when taken internally, I am inclined
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his first chill. At the autopsy there was found only a localized acute
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Your treatment will be mainly directed towards arresting
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the present time in Eppin? and the neighbourhood. One