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York State Medical Association, was born in 1860. He received
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the capillary or venous systems being impeded; from which
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chel's filter with the aid of Sprengel's air-pump, only
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down sporangium. The plants are of a dull yellowish brown colour ; the
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the arterioles which oppose the intra- vascular pressure and thereby
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After the reading of the minutes, the nomination of
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tially correct the mal-conditions of the uterus, but did
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evolution of medical science when simple palliation was the
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yourself." He took his father's advice. He has never rued it.
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A. Z., a man, aged thirty-five years (No. 3), had a
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or confined between the lobes, or between the lower lobe and
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If the micro-organism discovered by R. Pfeiffer maintains its
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nostic standpoint is the examination of the feces for the presence
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of the cohm and of the Lower part of the ileum was congested. The liver weighed
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necessarily, for the greatest amount of stretching. The lungs themselves, in fact,
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a compound of imbecile stupidity with fits of unreasoning
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18 necessary to ascertain whether lunatics of every class are
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appeared to be partly responsible for 6.5 per cent,
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ture of the outer layer of the abdominal muscles, the internal
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appertain chiefly to children. The cases formerly narrated,
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'•The severest thing you have against you is, that
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vation. JFrerichs speaks favorably of tannic add, which he gives
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for several days there develops a distinct tolerance on
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ceed to extirpate it. I have removed the greater portion
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* L. Lewin, Die Nebenwirkungen d. Aran., third edition, 1899, p. 6; F. A.
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districts, whilst their ravages amongst fowls appear to be little known
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My reasons for selecting this form of sounding body
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was drawn from a healthy dog, who was then exposed to be
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