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involuntary gestures, cries, or exclamations, these being characterised by

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Hepatic abscess is a disease of comparatively rare oc-

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count for the fact, that nearly all the strolling preachers of

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increased in weight 8J lbs. since 1st February. Physical signs

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of horny epidermis can be picked out, leaving pits behind.

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building for the reception and medical treatment of that unfortunate

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which their occurrence implies. The chief diet of the

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and stomach, succeeded by cold chills, and followed

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stomach is feeble, J^ Ferr. Arseniat., gr. 2 ; Ext. Nux Vom., gr. 15 ; Man-

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symptoms of acute peritonitis. The pain is colicky, is chumclerixrd by exacer-

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of reputed cancer, gives forty -four as found in the male sex.

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while, according to the common opinion, the whole period of

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ment as indicated radiographically by the extent of ossification

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infectiousness, with particular reference to the question of return cases.

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At a meeting of the Association of Railway Surgeons

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the same day at this time; it is usually best to give potato one day,

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extract the child without killing it, you could not, without mortal sin, do so, and

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at the cortex corresponds to the much wider separation

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tus and insipidus, chronic nephritis with polyuria, marked edema of

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