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spots over the whole cutaneous surface ; that in two months leprous
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recommended cutting through the rectus muscle by an
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mic conflict between the two polarities inherent in two sets or degrees of innervation, as it
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opening of new lines of investigation at once excites
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determined on this occasion to divide the business into sec-
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distinct foci of infection may be in an epiphysis, nor can we be sure that we have
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tine showed white dots the size of a pin's head, scarcely noticeable ; appendix
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pain being merely accompanied by slight and transient loss
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most cases of this disease are observed by persons who practise midwifery,
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4. That lesions of the urethra demonstrate in various ways the poison-
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of eight cures, that is, 57 per cent. M. Bulteau has collected, in a recent
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return for treatment and I heard nothing more of her for
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as gumma, a mucous patch, or a chancre — for this reason, among others,
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tubercles increase in size and number. The lepromata finally break down,
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outbreaks, one of the nurses developed fever, head-
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Brills’ disease in the rickettsial group ; Q fever, primary
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days. All symptoms rapidly disappear within a week or a little
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ring attacks of endocardial inflammation not infrequently take place in con-
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prevalence of an epidemic fever, which was characterized by pro-
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thyroid inflammation subsided in both cases bSfore the
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her duties require her to carry out the instructions
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diminishing the sharpness of the contraction, .so that at last ni>
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ly useful to lighten up the parts for the examination of
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and other inflammatoiy fevers. We may assume in such cases that the
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disturbance and in some varieties of cardiac affections, the inspirations
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