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of such persons, and their record and family history, so far as

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of gut was great, all that were seen presenting deeply in-

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to '. septicaemia and death. In some instances, thrombi form in

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for four years. She had not menstruated for several years. The pubic

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If you reconsider the physiological effects of blood-

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The deposit of the urate of soda in the uriniferous tubes, in cases of gout,

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Malarial Cachexia. — Attacks of an irregular type of fever are frequently noted in

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I learned that children and adults, even if they partici-

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by physiological chemistry and by better micrescopic work. I

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vet.. Par., v. 74, 8. s., v. 4 (3), 15 fev., p. 153. [W% W°^.]

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from intense thirst after birth, especially for two days,

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Rostchiuin in the London Medical Record declares to

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d. mal. de I'enf . Par., 1885, iii, 17-31. — Sattler ( R. )

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inhalation, commenced very slowly to descend, and in fifteen minutes fell 0°.2 C, and in 15

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ments of the arm are to be tried in a systematic way. In evi-

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masterly Treatise on Syphilis, a work which has just been published in

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blood corpuscles at 4,707,000, white blood corpuscles 11,000, eosinophiles

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be personal, but this so-called Jackson membrane is a condition I

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Baelz and Mawakami (1878). Die Japanische Fluss oder Ueberschweni-

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hemorrhoids that the distention might not be so great,

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He received a cold bath and his clothing was changed. At

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in size, acquire a capsule (PI. figs. 6-22), and, ultimately, project like warts

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rupture;" and if so, these contribute of course to the happy result.

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there are, as a rule, but little local tenderness and muscular

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tion there were the usual symptoms of cerebral syphilis preceding the

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through life, which he had early formed. In the intervals of his busi-

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lid, placed in it. To the top of this, an iron tube, about