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under the microscope the appearance of a uniform stain or dye, unlike blood
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ill these cases certainly does not encourage a rejK'tition of the operation,
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It crystallizes in broad atlas glittering needles and oxidizes in the moist condi-
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"The disturbances were, when the light was very intense,
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n. That this Convention offer the above Fifty Dollars as a priza
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There seems to be, up to the present time, a scarcity of
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began about : I left "Washington tlie night of March 22 in
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£45 towards tlie self-maintenance of two older orphans ;
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SiE : — Accompanying this, I have the honor to forward to the Surgeon General a small
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was first appplied to distinguish those who used mercury in their prac-
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The last point which I have to note is the close resemblance
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Long Island City. San. Engin., N. Y?, 1884-5, xi. 87.—
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established, both as to scientific fact and important clinical significance. The items are presented in simple epitome,
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from one side and become free to assume other relations,
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during its run the sycosis had disappeared, only to return again
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later stages a varying degree of broncho-pneumonia was found,
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cur. Penicillamine is teratogenic and should not be used
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had been forgotten ; (3) Concerning the following letter
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case of fracture of the upper third of the left femur
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heen estaMislied around both cavities. Pulse in bed
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Predisposing Factors, — Its prevalence is favored by the summer season,
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tion for the present. So we have (1st) primary perinephritis, of spon-
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riety. The mass in the distended bowel may be distinctly felt, not ten-
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will have arrived at the conclusion that health and happiness of the
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As National Posture Week enters upon its second decade, it is
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ber of the old ones replaced by others. The book brings within the covers of
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