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Surely, then, the reasons are plain enough why the lesser
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degree of oligocythemia can be produced by means of hemoly-
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most important branch of the economy, the influence of the
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sulphuretted hydrogen, nor the bad smell, in all probability we should not have
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act as poisons by absorption. The powders require to be kept
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Dr. Campbell Thomson, in reply, said that he had not yet tested the
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the surgeon, in using it, can easily ascertain the location of its tip. The
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diminished. The vesicular murmur is absent, replaced by bronchial
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advanced teachers. Altogether the spirit of improvement
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found, explaining the effects produced on the left side of the body. The
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had become agglutinated by adhesive inflammation; and the
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operation upon these functions. The apparent tedious-
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that the coronary artery which runs along its lesser curvature,
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constipated, pulse weak ; the muscles are flabby ; the condition
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mit to the inoculation with the gonococcus that you can be certain was
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pacity. The first incision through the skin had allowed the
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rheumatic individuals; or the lesion may be so minute as to escape
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and in many cases the avoidance of all food for twenty-four
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ary to the inflammation. Though the cultures from the tooth were negative
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cessful recovery from the second operation. But the first in-
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the thick forest, and upon the wide -spread prairie.
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many cases the ends of the bones project through, exfoli-
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Heart. In cases of ectopia cordis, the organ is gen-
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him and to such action he will have no recourse — he
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joint, was discharged with fresh-formed pus and small
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dice, bile-stained urine, and detection of gall-stones in the faeces are
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that cases may be brought imder the influetice of the cold
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somnolence which had been present disappeared. Recovery
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(W. A.) Malarial hematuria. Memi)his M. Month.. 1896,
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ninges have a pale transparent appearance. The cere-