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1901 Ochsner, hearing that Deaver was about to present

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advance of the disease — indeed, I believe that it has the

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and the observations made in the gene- into what improvements might be made.

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be devoted to it in virtue of their possessing inherited

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compressed, and an atonic state of the digestive organs, without any-

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a decent livelihood as Professor of Medicine." Sir Alexander

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rules and regulations to prevent the introduction of cholera

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nails are again scrubbed for five minutes. After the second scrub-

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in being able to contribute toward her own support,

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New York read a paper on those cases of obesity which

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the results very carefully in twenty-four cases, as follows : Two in the

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Rotheln : its Differentiation from Measles or Scarlet Fever.

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The Medical Society of Aberdeen liad been for years saving up for

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grain (.016) and digitaline, one fiftieth grain 6:00 p. m. Takes a little milk with whisky.

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myopic sphericals leads to the error of ignoring the existing

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quantity was very small. He died, in ray opinion, from

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symptoms. System so overwhelmed with disease, fatal termina-

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beaefit to the patient which Prof. Roiitgen lias conferred.

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to give a child chloroform while asleep, but did not suc-

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halmit in musa'O rev. nat. acad. Lundensis d. xviii Martii et sequ. 1784. {In

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tuberculosis. In another text-book, of equal reputation, tuberculosis


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(t) One year*! work of college standard, which year muat include instruction in

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The word " unfortunately " has, we think, one syllable too many. The

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but this part of the treatment falls upon the doctor. However,

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Cease, H. Wm., Concord, Univ. of Tenn., 1894 1919 1922