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and cholera in Japan. Such an investigation will be largely

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than the native inhabitants. According to Borius, the native adult

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lon, Charles I. Aldrich, M. D., of Cleveland, W. A. Dickey,

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or suppuration, might fail to demonstrate their origin. Tubercle of the

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quantity of urine, one obtains all the organisms present, and in a fair

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endeavors to prevent it. 2d. — The patient breathes

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By adhering to this definition of disturbances of memory, we can term these

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While the external genitals are usually hypertrophied, the uterus, ovaries,

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are certain general principles of treatment applicable to all forms. I pur-

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of short drops, alternating with short rests for which the elevating muscles

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is applicable to that variety only. The number of varieties seems,

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the same the rate is recorded, and the arterial blood pressures

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usual temperature-curve ranges at first between 102® and 104° F. (38.8°-40**

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tests; coagulation tests: increase in prothrombin. Factors VII, VIII, IX and X:

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be confidently expected by the following treatment : (i,) The pressure

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whether one of these is present or not. Distinctive

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A further statement made by Jaffa serves to illustrate the attitude

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. Throbbing in head ; worse on shaking head , immedi-

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vision was not examined, but the patient could see, al-

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I want to make one or two remarks about the Doctor's paper and

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5. Title XIX recipients shall be appointed directly

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ness. We may, for want of a better name, call it the law of vicarious mortality,

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derive an income to pay trained nurses to go when needed into the very

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therefore discontinued. To-day she is more calm, and submits to their