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may be used to empty the stomach, if it can be obtained; if not,

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physician. Asa subduer of pain it is exceedingly valuable, and, as

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of Turpentine and Castor Oil given with no effect. One tea-spoonful of Chloroform, Lauda-

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varying a little the term: It is a most powerful emetic, and invaluable

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lieart. I well remember a case wherein I severely wounded my fingers,

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"The constitution has no effect, as the strong and weakly are alike seized.

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Fassett, Burton W., Durham (Hon.), Bait. Med. Coll., 1898 1898 1909

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prevent the acidity to a great extent, and keep it under proper

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reduce the irritability of the bladder, the patient was

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varying a little the term: It is a most powerful emetic, and invaluable

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by Dr. J. C. Schapps, of Brooklyn ; Some Considerations of

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On this question Hirsch expresses himself as follows* : " To measure

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ity, giving rise to nutritional changes and functional

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The area of the skin to be treated is pressed firmly

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A case of accidental poisoning was investigated by Mr.

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of true epilepsy, that they never lead to impairment of the intelligence or

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groups with a good deal of financing, taking on risk, and