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ing to Dr. Perkins' own catalogue of pains, could confi-
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rheumatic, and chronic faulty digestive type. The blighted tree will
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tively slight. The vaso-motor ner\-es appear to be recovering
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in rose-water ointment as a base, are to be recommended. An oint-
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For Two Years: H. P. Strong, P. Fox and G. F. Hunt.
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6. The sanitary and aesthetic conditions of the school houses
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are, however, much slower than plates, and do not give as clear and well-
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ment. Four months later there was extreme pain in the
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nel," or the patient " was wrapped in flannel wrung out of boiling water,
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even when the outline of the parasitic body cannot be seen to modify
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with a small amount of a fatty body. By this procedure the euglobulin,
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evil habits brought him, that he died without the com-
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most of the material that is absorbed passes through the villi of
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Dr. Dickson — That is the view I took of it, that while Dr. Roome held that opinion I
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tive peritonitis— disproving the popular idea that general, septic, purulent inflammation
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be obscure; and careful search should be made for organic lesions, such
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recognize on reflection, though it is concealed by our habit of speaking
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Mr. Hunter supposed to proceed from its vitality, he seems
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At the base of the brain the nerve may be injured by tumours, chronic
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hydragog cathartics and diuretics. Paracentesis was per-