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Council as a Joint Scheme for England, although at present it
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she had always supposed to have been exposure to a cold atmosphere and standing in txtovia
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Mayo Robsou in his Hunterian Lectures gives the mortality
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longata, which has been called into active participation by irritative
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Perky— In Boston, Nov. 18th, M . S. Perry. M. D., a distin-
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our behalf by all the officers of the institution. To Dr. John
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nal cavity, vague generalities often take the place of definite
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huge doses of calomel in affections of the liver, the speaker told the
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The eruption is the distinguishing feature of measles, but the
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of the neck of the fc-nuir. Tr. Am. Suig. Ass., Pbila.,
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present. We have also tested the washed corpuscles of normal
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Cooley says this is an excellent formula for extempo-
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lost to all virtue, in fact to all of those intrinsic qualities which
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undue stress being thrown upon the nervous system. For this purpose a
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tain individuals. One would not expect another epi-
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delivered, and the cause of death was no doubt ha;morrhage
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most cases is the feeling of exaltation, strength, and mental vigor, with
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2. The placenta plays a very important role in the transmission
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of calomel, followed by a saline, and then small doses of the alkalies, largely diluted,
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Calmette (1893). Arch, de Med. Nav. et Col., No. 9.
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Sayre, Lewis A., 285 5th Ave., New York, New York Co. Founder.
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and m response to this, our sect has become has at its head as superintendent one of the
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Dr. BuRD, Newport House, Shrewsbury, M.D. and M.C. Cantab,
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Spontaneous Cow-Pox. — Dr. Jose R. De Argumosa describes a case of sponta-
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All infected ti--ue must be cumpletely excised, and thi> i- be-t .icium-
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than the carbuncle. The following are its characteristic marks: there is redness,
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ferring to the movements of the artery, instead of speaking of
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reparative power that when once attacked with caries it cannot
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account of any unusual features which it presented than because
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fact. Actually, most multiple testing programs of such