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where I shewed him the subject. After various specu-

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There is no atrophy of the affected muscles. On the contrary, they

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pared," or " Give the specific gravity and physical

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prevented sleep. He had had a bubo on the right side,

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induced by opium, which, above all other substances, has the property of dimin-

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been held regularly, they had been well attended and the

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pation, or to some public or private affairs, or of some extravagant

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haust the subject treated. In regard to the hospitals, we

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appearance of a syrupy, cherry-red, translucent fluid. By such

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congenital disease, such as scars at the angle of the mouth,

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dress characterized efficient medical practice as necessarily em-

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both were unsatisfied if they did not see things for themselves;

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valves, that are designed to prevent the return of the faecal

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for applying the test were given at that time, together with a

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is more decided and the juicy constituent is most abundant

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Practice experience, 4 1/2 years. Board certified. Mem-

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number of the sclerosed or indurated nodules. A diagnostic feature is,

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whether really his or not, the book is of undoubted antiquity.

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Paul Gillespie and Miss Louise Saunders of Cincinnati, were

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of disintegrated brain has already been squeezed into the

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sent time of medical research to reverse this order. Morbid

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Every alteration of function must, then, necessarily imply an

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Mr. Bichard T. Cabot, who next was introduced, brought the

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editor would not have it supposed, however, that he

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to the mother and child, than can be secured by perforating or elevating

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sheep dead from louping-ill, and if so, to trace its source of

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tinct and audible. Directed a cushion to be applied to the abdomen,

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the following points: 1. Age of the patient; 2. Sex of the

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ton (E.) On characteristic .symptoms of a febrile epi-

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measles New York 10, Pittsburgh 8. Brooklyn (i, Philadelphia

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oscin in this form of paralysis. He has observed no

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life ascends, red blood begins to appear and nearly all the conditions of

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Thirty-three patients previously treated for a variety of chronic pain syn-

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like to ask Dr. Delafield how long albumen, unasso-

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and close contact with cases of cholera, and the develop-

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paralytic symptoms. In most cases epileptiform attacks,

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The having carefully examined the chest, head, &c., of this old

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imitation ; there is no intelligent understanding of

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a heart already in a very weak condition, with such an impetus, that

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