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shrunken, the eyeballs with their congested conjunctivae sink back in the orbits, and
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he has never seen dystocia from a short cord, and he
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it has chosen the straight and narrow path — that it has
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the latter is in process of division as shown by the fact that each gives off two
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split in order to lengthen it, was fixed by sutures to the
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In the phlegmonous form the tonsils are extremely swollen,
honourable, and possessed the courage to decline the Presidency of
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rules for operating are desirable. The results desired
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advantage if there are not large numbers of organisms that
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At the moment when smallpox was most common in Cleve-
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where both fail. The above name has been given to a tablet and
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ployees assisting in the preparation of patients, materials,
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degree of cold, the female prisoner compelled the deceased to get out of her bed,
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in impotence, although in the great majority of all the
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losses, but in general is considered a success by both
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long as he is looking down at his feet totters and falls when he is made to-
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colored; in only one case (Chantemesse and Griffon) fatty stools were
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This symposium will be participated in by the following gen-
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able to collect 71 cases, of which 33 p)er cent, were
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The Institution has its Chemical and Bacteriological Laboratories.
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losis is completed, such lameness may almost, if not entirely,
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During his three weeks' stay in the hospital at this time, his con-
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laryngitis, and naturally pain is often a very pronounced
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Dr. Aitchison. Dr. A.'s directions are as follows :
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The black pigment of the cells of melanotic tumors, also called mela-
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the third edition (issued in 1868), I was able to state, that ^' many cases
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great variety; and especially they are liable to vary according as the