Euphoria From Strattera

their more general use, and the increasing tendency
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president for Arkansas, Dr. John M. Griffin, of Sulphur
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vividly depicts, among the cloud strata of mid air,
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abstracted in Tlie Practitioner for December, 1910,
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cember 6 to 8, 1910, revoked on account of sickness.
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Die Gicht und ihre didletischc TJierapie. Von Prof. Ur. A..
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of typhoid fever in patients who manifestly did not
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from the witnesses: Copious flow of saliva shortly after the meal,
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great majority of cases the origin is central. Whether or
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constitutional reaction noted. On April 12, 1910, patient
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not pass largely or completely into the pelvis with-
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ton, of Yazoo City ; vice-president for Arkansas, Dr. Rob-
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able contrast to the rapid death of unfertilized ma-
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and amputations of the fingers and toes, simple in-
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vaginal fistula, one of which healed spontaneously ;
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these cases suction is the best method. It acts less
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medical visits or consultations, or he changes physi-
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anaesthetic, chloroform ! The arguments of the prose-
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found that animals fed with cultures of Bacillus coli
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confines its studies to the dead ; one of its chief
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Fig. 5. — Continuous immobilization of one side of the chest with
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largely due to the absorption of the specific toxines
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struction and disappearance of the medullary sheets
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Sexton, Leo L., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted seven
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the House-staff. Only intermittently have they received the seri-