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I. Br Joseph Bell exhibited A patient, aged 42, who had been
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degenerate, and the rate of degeneration varies with the site where
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tion the pulse is scarcely appreciable, or it is extinct, the surface is cold
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worse despite abundant local treatment. There was a tendency
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contraction of the abdominal, dorsal, or lateral muscles some-
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surgical society with confidence. IMcDowell stands to Spencer Wells in the same
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stand for many days without showing signs of decomposition.
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parasitic forms, and whether the free degenerative bodies increase in
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tobacco. Chewing tobacco and snuff contain significant
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General Therapeutic Effect of the Alternative Electric Current of High Fre-
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question should, when tested with the blood-serum taken from the
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Deafness. Deafness does not necessarily indicate disease of the ear.
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(f ) Matrons who are unable or unwilling to meet these require-
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anemia, lues, and hemolytic jaundice resemble pathologically the cases
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wherein all necessary appliances to aid everyone for the
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previous practice, and they as well as I found — (2) that the walls of the
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derbilt, and G. W. Vanderbilt, to build an addition to
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free hemorrhage is unusual. Continued slight bleeding is caused by
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In this way the following values in ten milhonths of a
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was scraped and again plugged with iodoform gauze. Since
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circumstances, the verdict was « found drowned.'' In the
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on research work and to add to their present experi-
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or more than double that of the population increment ; but
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induced to modify his surgical procedure and to adopt defini-
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consist of hematine in various forms and tints. Thus the whole may be