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pulmonary congestion or consohdation ; anorexia, thirst, nausea or sick-
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1891 vaccination has been '' promoted " by the sanitaiy
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believing that these are really normal elements of the neuroglia
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1914. Maier, F. Hurst, M.D., Associate in Gynecology to the Jeffer-
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the organ for thirty-two hours before death ! It was therefore impossible lo
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Etiology. — (1) An external tumor pressing on the oesoph-
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cornee, aprfes avoir pris une forme legerement conique."
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toms appear. The leading features of digital chancres affecting the
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marks have been made elsewhere (ante, p. 837). In the United States it
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such as one within the knowledge of the writer can be
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'^ Agues being very frequent among the crew of the Vengeance,
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symptoms. Organic medicines showed no effects except
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In multiple visceral lesion, we must not forget the
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patches), and discriminated by these appearances in conjunction with other
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2. — A young woman of 20 years was taken sick with
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is now like a difi'erent child, taking his food well, and increasing in strength from
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and doing some of it, I regret to say, handicapped by antagonism.
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ing the greatest number of deaths in the United States
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Mendel, and Harris, who obtained ricin in very pure form. These
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The respiratory murmur is vesicular, but feeble on both
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tainly be loth to adopt hypnotism as a therapeutic measure.
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who translated Hippocrates and Galen into Syriac. Of
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eggs and rare meat, with a farinaceous diet, may prove more acceptable.
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may not terminate in this generation. No man can hope to
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imago. Thus, Howard found that creasote oil added to the water
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more or less delirium at night, perhaps requiring that
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the loop of bowel passing to the left inguinal region traced
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nized to i',. pullorum or B. sanguinarium contained agglutinins i<>r five
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Tuiconsciousness, performs strtmge actions, which have nevertheless an
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These physical signs we call "lesions." They seem to be