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continued exposure were smaller and had feeding difficulty
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degree unavoidable when we remember that it is simply a series
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the Chamber of Commerce of the same city, asking that the next session
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isms. It might, therefore, not be out of place here to indicate
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venes as a secondary infection, the diphtheria developing on a soil already
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grossment of their own private affairs or business agencies,
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Superintendent. By order of the Board of Governors,
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the only ortho or straight 'doxy ; all other 'doxies were
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dure resection. Early in March his condition had improved sufficiently to
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all of the symptoms enumerated and suspicion points
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the antitoxine, and 39.6 per cent among cases treated with the antitoxine.
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of the breast is evidently bad, and accompanied by circumstan-
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from curative remedial measures. The improvements which have taken
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since the first promulgation of the extraor- < gers, and stated them fairly and honestly,
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maxilla. Paciiic M. & S. J., San Fran , 1H83-4, xxvi, 103-
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supersede the cough, which returns when the rheumatism
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still be some hoarseness of voice, and the cough may still have a croupy
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the bleeding and lay stress on tuberculosis, theterization of ureters showed blood, with
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Treated by Hypodermic Injection of Carbolic Acid " with recovery,
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to go to the privy, was there delivered unconsciously or unexpectedly ; that
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weight of the labourer ; and it is easily remembered that a man
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registering on the sensorium of our brains not only their
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vdhe disease ; iv. Tricuspid valve disease ; v. Multiple valve
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Dr. F, H. Wiggin, who has been interested in the attempt to
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to coagulate milk. It is highly pathogenic for mice, guinea-pigs,
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and private hygiene, in domestic science, including physios-
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Neither is it ill air only that maketh an ill seat; but ill ways, ill
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the system of treatment carried out in this and similarly well
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When the food or drink of well persons becomes contaminated with
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which so many complain, and which, in some cases, is
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