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that living tissues like those of inanimate creation, can

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the patient is recumbent. The position of the right hand

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is maintained both of nutrition and animal heat. When the store of

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water, 300 grains of solid matter, and 400 grains of car-

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of blood. The hemorrhage may be severe or slight. It may be fatal at

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cussed the 2 recognized varieties of the disease; also the etiol-

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womb remains closed. In such a case, smear hand and arm with

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At times there was a slight trace of albumin in the urin. As I

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Dr. McLeod has honoured me by asking me to join with

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monary capillaries is only a matter of inference, not of obser-

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1895 to 1900, the mortality rate being nearly 40 per cent. ISTorris

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fail of union if any bone does; then the femur, and

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half-savage rustics of our most uncivilised provinces.

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somewhat problematic : but in its other forms the disease sel-

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ing it with the greatest possible ease to the operator.

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and shoulders is to be borne in mind. These may be prevented by chang-

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be taken in straightforward cases progressing favourably under quinine

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forms of eruption are also seen (sudamina, urticaria, ecthyma, erythema,

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and entirely escaped. Eater on we have the emigrant ships to

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Philosophy to the Royal Dublin Society, in 1834, he resigned

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and in some situations bloody mucus ; contracted part healthy,

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If Calomel is preferred, two or three graing may be taken every

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Schiiffner, Marshall, Shennan, Siebert, Ashburn, Craig, and Lohe. In

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arytenoid cartilages and the larynx itself, it does not seem to interfere so

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sleep, bad dreams, poor appetite, painful digestion, constipation,

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For if the elastic retraction of the lung be interfered with by stenoses in

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]ess liable to disorder from over excitement, but the irritation,

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Hypodermoclysis of normal salt solution is indicated, and in large amounts if

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stances of valve tumors, which his assistant, Keeselring (Thesis,

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in slight cases depends for the most part upon inadequate treatment

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opposite vice we are solemnly warned that no drunkard shall

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wound had to be reopened to remove the fragment of stone. On May 2d, Dr.

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apt to deceive one is the yellow color of the body of the

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Sequelae.— There is nearlyalways grave anaemia and much weak-

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