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9. Chewing (Mm. masseter et temporalis, motor branch of N. trigeminus).
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state and is not available for microbial metabolism. Ice creaTslored fSr a short t ml
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lordosis, and the whole upper part of the body is bal-
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Dr. Brown; (2) physiological problems under Dr. Bothman; and (3) physiologic chem-
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weakness (vide infra) are often added to the feeling of mental fatigue, among
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Fleming, Joan, s, a, Bloomington. A.M. (Oberlin C.) '28.
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spinal segments themselves. In such cases we also see the peculiar distribu-
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processed lAW Federal Specif icatioh 315, Shrlmi., Frozen > Raw, Breaded .
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fibers which run in the so-called posterior longitudinal tract (" dorsal longi-
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who, baring completed the cnrrioolnm laid down, shall have passed the Previoas
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and Parasitology, at the appropriate laboratory supply store. New tickets must be pur-
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any definite cause. Men are much more frequently affected than women. The
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declined the examination in the Rudiments of Faith and Religion, he
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Although the spasms (vide Figs. 140 and 141) are rarely strictly limited
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has been reported in some very rare cases of hysteria. — K.] The condition
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practical or pathological anatomy, prepared during the course under
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19. Student Assistant in Serology and Therapeutics of Syphilis in Children. — Prac-
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$ote verv carefully^ the summary chart on -gage <7-32. * ' -
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«?gs ^ot prtvlouslyVeSJed, et^. ^ particles, blood spots. Loss
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begins to be disintegrated and absorbed. At the same time the pressure ex-
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manifested, as we have said, by the great intensity of the initial symptoms of
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, and Inspection SranchrFrul? a^d vL|?S JfSl^in^ ^ ^"^^ ^'*S^!/^*^ Standardization
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paresis (rigidity, increased tendon reflexes, etc.). Finally, an almost com-
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Zoology ; 3. Human Anatomy and Physiology ; 4 Medicine, Surgery
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5, What are two ways to diagnose tapwonn Infection in animals?
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Volke, Walter, a, w, Bovey, Minn. S.B. (U. of Minnesota) '31.
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The glottis cannot be completely closed, and sometimes tbe vocal cords actually
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if we perform passive motion of the paralyzed parts. There are paralyses
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In some cases the sugar content disappears only when carbohydrates are
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Aitken, Roberts, Reynolds; Surgery — ^Erichsen, Dndtt, Clark, Smith;
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and genuine tumors is the most difficult. Absence of optic neuritis, a marked
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definite object elicited in any possible way, and that the word " suggestion "
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ment after the date of this our Warrant ; and those of Class B who may be
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to a gradual loosening of the incisors, so that at last they drop out. Many
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The disease may develop somewhat gradually with a prodromal period in
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22. Laboratory Work in Neuropathology. — Hours by arrangement. Credit accord-
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of our country, ^the Pilgrims suffered untold misery from starvation. There might have