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and the greatest labor devoted to interpreting symptoms and remedying their cause." — Author's

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have incomplete paraplegia from over-exertion as a principal

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annually. Senior Surgeon, Thomas Reid, M.D. Surgeons, Thomas S.

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they may be one to twenty, but are found in all proportions even up to

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mastoid process. The bone which remains in connection

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end have for a long time been fruitless, for the precon-

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certain forms of poisoning (morphin, carbon monoxid, chloral hydrate,

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When no positive signs are elicited by examination of

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Amputation for neuralgia of stump, 81; at Hip-joint,

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as in neuralgia, which is in intensity out of proportion to the amount

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been the direct cause of death (pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, laryngeal

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they too are capable of surviving in the rabbit for an indefinite period

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allowed himself to think, with the parents, that the patient

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thought she squeezed his hand ; and he requested her sister to

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had stated, he found that a white chyle had been absorbed by the lacteals,

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upon the part must, of course, be avoided, that being the exciting cause

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little regarding the etiology of the condition during the last quarter of a

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He felt the moral beauty of his character, and loved to dwell on the sea-

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better. .If this be so, it is well to consider if medical practice might not with

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-1 tiir t,.ivarni nuM-urir,-_' 4 indu- h;. 3 i„,lu-~. and a !ar>;<- tl,_-l, u.-und ,-l

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More than half a century since, a poor, one-eyed German

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nmcoid, while in the cases of longest duration there is a well-defined smooth

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years of age, whom he had treated when seven years of

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sore throat, the catarrhal symptoms are slight. The super-

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now is — and under conditions more trying in every

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made on behalf of Pacini, concerning the discovery of

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contemporaneous presence of echinooocci in the kidneys, was

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tabulates the dry crackling rale as a subdivision of the moist rale.

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or to cause to be issued, policies of insurance to ap-

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guinea-pig, horse and human serum contained antistreptolysin. Kerner 4 observed

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The theory of this operation is simple. In the first place, it disassociates the

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liver, kidneys, brain, and other extra-thoracic organs— in fact,

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muscle to the bursa situated between it and the tubercle of the radius.

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ployed as remedies. 'Ihe extension of such knowledge should cause

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reuce iu Case IV might be due to insufficient extirpa-

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among the neurastheDics, and are more concealed be-