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Smith, Andrew H., M. D., on the Circulation of the Blood, . 337

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lineations of the disease ; many peculiarities remain unnoticed, and much

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Dr. Burge said the blades could be made of any desired length, and that each

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with the rear end pulled out into a sort of tail, from the end of which

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The oxidase reaction is considered specific for the myeloid series of

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unusually thrifty ? According to one of their late publications, the Eousky Bnevnik,

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Japanese patients with adult T cell leukemia mark activity of disease. Blood 1988;

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vesical tenesmus. The paroxysmal contractions of the bladder

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the victims. The native inhabitants are fleeing from the

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assist and advise it in matters of medical interest.

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The Relation of Micro-organisms to Surgical Lesions. By

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various causes, a deformity always ensues. This de-

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tivities on the future of the practice of medicine be-

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our splendid isolation secured us a practical immunity from bubonic

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the disease arises as a result of obstruction of the ureter, e.g. calculus, and