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sents the actual undigested proteids of the food, and that the nitrogen

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limited disease of short duration, such as croupous pneu-

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asthma, their diagnostic usefulness for asthma is low. They

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patients for whom I have been consulted, have been in the

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1881. Session of October 25. Communication k I'Academie des sciences etc.

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Table 2. — Diagnoses, obstructed sites, and outcome

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Bamberger acted as ordinary professor of medicine and as di-

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broken off in the cavity. As it gave him no further trouble

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exciting a mobility in the fibre that may be exhibited

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its relation to mental disorders and its recurrence are observed ;

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longed, and was particularly interested in the affairs

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stupefaction as follows : — * Tho consultation-room of Dr. X,

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in four cases, the blood being taken, early in the disease, from the arm, and was the

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pathological importance of these organisms. The demonstration of the germ

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to the full. I should fail in my duty, however, in these parting

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and cells are not affected, but the sensory apparatus is at first rendered more

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permissible unless they are almost detached. It is best to avoid their

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in the neighborhood of the others. Five grains of tlie

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lid, placed in it. To the top of this, an iron tube, about

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kindly contributed so much valuable matter, have not been

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deaths from this cause is given as high as 2S per cent., or

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after^vards a graft of the original tumor was returned. The mice so

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be. The number of cases of cutaneous mucous or visceral infections

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the elimination of acetone is but little, if at all, in

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starting-point of chronic ulcers when the spasm is due to some

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children, in whom the digestive organs were usually disordered, emetics were

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ting out the nail while this strictured state of these nerves is

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throe enthusiastic teachers, and the practical results of

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Saturday, June 29, at the Royal College of Physicians, by the

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8. Watson, F. S. American Journal of Urology, New York, 1915, XI, 109-112.

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h3rpochondriac region. Along the edge of the liver, whidi

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