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your readers to hear that, having had two cases of well-marked

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sion], 238. JLiso [ Abstr.] : Brit. M. J., Lond., 1892, i, 443.—

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In the female we can do without this experiment. Here

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perforating the uterine wall. This could only occur, in ordinarily skilled hands,

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cator, such as alizarin, or litmus, to the alkaline

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explanation is based upon the assumed inability of the larger epithelial

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its tour of mischief, and as I have attempted to show you

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coloured surface. By the direct ophthalmoscopic method we now care-

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cate as heretofore, but the detention order must be obtained

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formed for the relief of haemorrhage. In one the luemor-

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period, the patient's arm swelled frightfully, and became mottled, and

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were exposed to the chances of a first attack of small-pox, and were then liable

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in a much simpler way. Having anaesthetized his patient, he forcibly

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also an increase in the amount of solids eliminated.

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matter. I went as a lobbyist in 1869, with the determination

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lermo, 1899, XV, pt. 2, 302. Also, transl. : Arch. ital. de

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The volume is a full one in every sense, and shows a deal of

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the anus an inflamed pile existed. Under those circumstances,

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absolutely indefinite, that they would never be ascribed to leprosy in any

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with avidity. Intermitting with the excitement are periods of

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is certainly incorrect, because even under physiologic conditions the

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hat death had arisen from manual strangulation — and, from the particular

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catarrh and adenoid growths. The hypersecretion of post nasal catarrh

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not infrequently. It is not easy to say with positiveness how frequently it

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istence of a subdural abscess in the region of the injury. This

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poorer class of tradespeople are liable in the houses of their parents.

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With these unimportant exceptions, the aldehyde re-

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there is spastic paraplegia where there is paralysis with in-