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and other grave symptoms at the onset exclude an organic cerebral
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rior!. Gior. d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, 1873, 3. s., xiv,
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typhosus " were then made in water, and their number de-
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those of earlier growth upon the inferior portion of the limb. Those above
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"On May :i(), 1882, he was apiiointed the sole attending
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definite relation to the presumed cause — iodide of potassium and bi-
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the thermometer begins to rise, it ceases to be discoverable before the com-
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Belladonna. Strychnia is contra-indicated all through the acute
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Ages the lucrative business of importing foreign drugs
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which may be seen in ordinary fresh preparations if observation be
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last one or two days. The early repair of the dental follicle is probably
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almost always be avoided. It is not the same with the lower ex-
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taken at his word ; or the man with some trivial ailment
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duces impressions or sensations. Without the action of these,
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the depth of the slough depended on the heat of the steam and the
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Stocking, Ruth Evangeline, s, w, sp, Clarendon, Tex. B.A. (U. of Texas) '18.
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Dyphylline should not be admFrwsterediSirfhirTeritly with other (^n|n^ fharked hypotension, and circulatory failure,
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employed his leisure time in study, so that at the end of four
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political elements, which is so much of a recommen-
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the pregnancy was not a healthy one and that a morbid process may be
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most of life. We lived with him, played with him, worked
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tion with signs of disordered circulation, or of a diseased heart,
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for the University of South Dakota School of Medicine.
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off sloidy alongside the instrument. The one care in
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were not in the kidney or ureter. An operation, however, was
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erated cells have been found occluding the sinusoids of the liver and cause
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covered, except one. In this case (No. XX.XIII. 1, in
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in three places before it reaches the larynx. First, on
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that medicine only progresses as it progresses in charity,
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have sprung up, and to such a degree that (in the eastern
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its effects, I never could calculate with any certainty as to what they would be
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Treatment of Cancerous Growths by Ablation. — In a
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ing it, that it is not feasible at this time to enter
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reputation. Mandrake was one of these. In the Middle
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till it at last entirely ceased. The breathing grew also qoiet ; the inspiration
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age adult, thirty grains, three times a day, is the usual dose.
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