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tals?" If Mr. Engelhard knows of any Dr. S. J. Hawes ol Dover. N. C. is attend-
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nursery government cannot be expected as long as 1 dition for most of its day and night, and if it does
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F.R.S., Keeper of Mining Records, assisted by F. W. Rudler, F.G.S.
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tubercles increase in size and number. The lepromata finally break down,
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Chambers supposes that these substances undergo fermentation in the intes-
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The sequellse which have attracted most attention are those con-
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and the means of counteracting its progress, .... 40
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human anatomy, several muscular dissections preserved in spirits deserve espe-
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and choose to spend as much for jewelry and watches,
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Aphasia. — Amongst the symptoms of which I have just spoken there is
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the capillaries, while thus held in solution, without the slightest
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cles filled with pus, and the surrounding mass indurated, exhibiting different stages
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ing began she said she suffered from almost constant pain
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vidual's blood over a long period of time practically no variation was
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use I must say that I can not see how you give so much for the money.
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growth is disappointing, as a certain amount of moisture is necessary.
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esting circumstances under which the original compari-
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— Trust-deed between the Aberdeen Medical Society and Mari-
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functional nervous disorders, particularly neurasthenia and hysteria. The