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President: I have in my hand the various appointments for

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form of gout, or on the liver in the shape of bilious com-

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found worthy of the Association medal. Competing essays

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Peru, in 1919. Stimson,^ of the U. S. Public Health Service, had

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many purely practical phases of this great question

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Denslow Lewis, Chicago, 111. ; The Clinical Relations

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and the study of medicine became where it now stands. Then the

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gelatine, brain matter, blood-corpuscles, and other structures. Having briefly

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flask A, the parts of the apparatus are then connected, and pure hydroch one acid

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symptoms and daily rise of temperature of two or three degrees,

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In varicella the lesions are disseminated and show no tendency to

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time. In August, 1947, however, the patient’s physician

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JULIAN MINES, D.O., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics

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breast milk; therefore, nursing should be discontinued during ISOPTIN use

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vaccinated. " The clinical histories of the patients treated by this

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their infection. Another very striking finding during the same Manila plague out-

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opening discharging for a year and a halj; dilatation of opening, drainage, and wash-

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brain, too small to give rise to symptoms, may readily be overlooked even

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stool. Thia returned from time to time, and was ac-

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culosis, and if we consider the bacilli the cause of it, they should be pre-

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or important than in the study and practice of medicine.

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scription price. See notice on cover. We can also furnish a full

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103°, or even 105° F. {SS.S^-^O.S" C). and particulariv in children; more e

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was impossible to determine a cause for the disease. The

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'■,'"""";""•>'•■;"■"■"""«'" I Tln.„n..a..ul,td.u.,..,lu-urou".'

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may be learned from the symptoms of spitting, if present. In poi-

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tharides, which, when used in the form of the liniment

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34, p. 311; abst., Trop. Dis. Bull., 1914, 3, p. 493.

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disease is caused by skimmed or by diluted milk, by milk containing lactose,

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ripheral circulation more than the mineral (water) baths,

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very often exhibit the lesions of rickets or tuberculosis, or the signs of

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The following case of peritoneal dropsy is reported to the Associa-

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a prevalent feeling that the medical profession is objecting to Governmental

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We must conclude that in our case, either at the same time or

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