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aj-ray examination of the intestinal tract is open to ob-

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his iimbs were stretched out. When placed before a warm fire, the dog revived to a son-

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said, it is hardly necessary to add that softening of the brain can no longer

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Neither, on the other hand, shall we paint pathological pictures

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tive. Constipation is present and may be marked. Among rare premonitoxv

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viii. London: J. & A. Churchill, 1 883 . , . . . .249

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places with No. 3 cumolized catgut, the intervening

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and if the sphincter ani is very tight, I divide it, as in fissure of the rectum. I

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projecting tumors, having been well drawn down, were usually

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Cough and Expectoration. — At first the cough in phthisis is dry and

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From high frequency apparatus connected to the high tension transformer the

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is no fibrillary twitching of the tongue or tremor of the body

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hundred, and a thousand fold. The unhappy patient, under these cir-

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will be lessened and civilization be more progressive. Every city,

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lungs, and states that they describe a tortuous course and frequently

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of this new addition made by the *' old school " to the list of

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used on economical grounds as a substitute for elajlchlorUre, answered

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a polypus should not be removed by the single stroke of a knife or

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the hands of Mr. Rodgers. These two gentlemen therefore

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either alone, or in conjunction with fatty disease of the

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of the products formed during the putrefaction of organic matter con-

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stomach near its pyloric end, the small intestines are marked

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I did not use an ample amount of green soap to help my hand go up and,

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in from 35-45 days after inoculation. In similar work on the same problem

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Now, however, all these supposed inevitable changes

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Nasal Orifices and Septum. — Greville M'Donald, M.D., Assistant Physician for

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be coaxed ; after persisting in one plan of treatment for a time, if unsuccess-

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plained of some pain on left side under ribs. Ran a persistently high fever

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surface, the skin and subcutaneous tissues rapidly disappear and

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brain, a turbid stream, to the amount of one and a half fluidounces, was found in the occi-

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Musser, John H. Jr., use of iron in posthemorrhagic anemias, 111, 115

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simple and the other compound — wl)ich I have wired with

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the drug. It has specially proven itself to be of value in the