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placenta was still attached in whole or in part, even when the
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as carbonates, they tend to alkalinize the urine and also increase its
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as possible, and a removal of as much of the necrotic tissue as
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the occurrence of hemorrhage an imminent event. This fact is shown
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quet scarifier or an ordinary vaccinating lancet, we scarify two small
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pressed in diopters and as measured externally. You will
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to be owing in a great measure to the increase in the
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My attention was attracted to malignant tertian fever in the sum-
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theRojal Society of London for the prosecution of his scientific
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character, extreme modification of epidemic type does
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general tuberculosis. The time allotted to me does not per-
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average weight of the puerperient woman was 53 kg. while that of the
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obviated by the use of convex glasses. Occasionally the form of disorder is
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Had anyone, he asked, seen a case in which the isth-
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improved, and the crisis was normal. After the temperature had been normal for
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frothy serum. The right side of the heart and the pulmonary
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There has, however, been an increase in mortality since
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Reed calls attention to the following anatomic land-
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gone out of vogue. That it did split the mucous mem-
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Prance, C. R . MP. MBC.PL, has been appointed Physician to the
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Caliph and bidden to choose again between compliance
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tions. Sir Charles Bell traced these great tracts or courses of fibres into the crus cerebri, an
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The third, aged five years, died on the fourth day of
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pressed and open fontanelles, of the cretin, and the asymmetrical skull of
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and both sexes." That sort of friendship, one which
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medical profession has so universally given it. Its therapeutic effects are
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have been present in the mouth in Dr. Bulkley's cas
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On the following day, Jan. 6, 1915, the patient was
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matter, mingled with a small portion of fat, and here and there
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dence here on Februar}' 28th. Dr. Henschel graduated
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the citj T and is under municipal inspection. Sheep and hogs, as well
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54 per cent, among mulattoes, and 41 per cent, among negroes.
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according to Nageli, make up 1 per cent, to 3 per cent, of the total leukocyte count.