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abfertigung ist in diesem Falle dem Amte, an dessen Sitze die Unter-
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Study of Anthropology. — A new school of anthropology has
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EBV serologic study in the case criteria overestimates EBV
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iDed is not advisable, except under special circumstances ; it is better that
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been found in the bladder post mortem, and it has also
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5. Flies may carry the organisms of dysentery, cholera
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abolished. So that a man may often with stricter propriety be
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furnished and submitted to a successful cross-examina-
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Stokes type, and the temperature falls. The duration is from
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to hoid the urine indefinitely. The urine was practically normal, but
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slow contraction that persisted after the electric impulse was
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remains, frequently the papillse projecting through it have the appearance
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Schenectady, where he continued to practise until stricken
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She was then attacked suddenly, and went to the office of a neighbor-
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(left) Sam O. Atkins, M.D., Atlanta urologist and President-Elect of the
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jective point. If the infection, bile stasis complications from delayed operation is
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edge of experts in all the great interests involved
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have to depend on the history of the involution ; but cases of eczema
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tion — these symptoms have to a large extent disappeared from
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placenta has been examined carefully and found entire, it
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tions as to manner of life and regimen, to avoid future comj^lica-
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chorea. The rheumatic and gouty diatheses seem also to play a part in causing
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lymphatic obstruction and its relief. One can only speculate why
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but they may be actually abolished ; in the latter case the knee-jerks
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Jurisprudence, to succeed the late Dr. J. Aitken Meigs. Dr. Chapman is a