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ling, six or eight weeks old, and when admitted into the institution
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from the ulceration of the agminated or isolated follicles. In some cases
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tion relating- to this subject. The bulletin is one which should
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motion pictures. One of the annual features of this program is
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limitations whicK that implies. Whereas, by the open
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will ever be wholly prevented, or that the unsanitary condi-
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The writer is well known as a successful surgeon, and as
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Quantity of bile in the 24 hours . . . 16.940 grains,
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its fellow but one hundred and fifty feet have been com-
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lobes, but by the upward growth of a median lobe, which usually produces
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him, because it seemed to increase the obstruction to the escape
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but we also frequently find various fungi in such smears. Very few hold that these
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lucent appeai-ance, and to the touch a doughy consistence. On section
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oxygen before the lower centres, which are the seats of the
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would be indicated, but these, I think, must be few.
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be given, or the same dose given at longer intervals. Following
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tissue beyond. The only safe method to pursue is to dissect
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mother remarked that he used to go about stooping, with his head in
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show the dread of explosions of the modern torpedo be-
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Dr. I. Minis Hays reported that the names of over four hundred delegates
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three weeks ago, to spend the summer with her friends and rela-
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medical societies, is ethically unobjectionable, but 1
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and very vascular colloid bronchocele, covering the larynx, extending down the
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distance it deviated outward slightly. Marked limita-
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rapidly and safely repair takes place in many cases
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small, weak district schools, into a graded school of two or more
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fever, he generally preferred warm sponging or the warm bath, to relax the
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reported to have employed just twenty minutes in deciding that she was
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have but little effect in reducing the morbidity and
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ing rods of a static machine (see page 83), cannot fail to aid
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the left side, brought on such excessive dyspnoea and coughing that I
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with the anaesthetic administered. Mr. Mott says in his address that his