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Tenon's capsule, with preservation of the function of the

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petitive examination in August last, and wlio have passed

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" After they (the lesions) were big enough to attract my attention (mere

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that phthisis rarely occurs before fifteen or after

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in such a way" and two instances of the participle (77. 5.887 and

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of the Local Government Board of Scotland, gave an address

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dangerous to a complete healing, even if no living tubercu-

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stead of being considered an intractable and practically incurable condition, its mastery

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septic material is inoculated into the system as in malignant pus-

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that had gravitated to the most dependent part of the lung from the

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Interpretation and Histologic Bases. 2nd ed., New York, NY:

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course, a dangerous one, the hemorrhage being at times

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loth. 9 A. M. : Rested well last night. 8 p. m. : Pain

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health, was brought to the hospital in the ambulance, Decem-

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Examination per rectum (by one of the hospital internes)

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may be due to the combination of the two alterative tonics,

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region is uniformly followed by conjugate deviation of the head and eyes

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large marine hospitals, as at Boston, New York, New Orleans,

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time having a greater secretory ability. In other words, these new-

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ment of glass struck the patient on the right eye. I saw her

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legs slowly diminished and the ascites subsided ; until on September 4, it was

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ing, preserving, and handling the flesh. Careful attention to every

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of one of the herds of oxen brought to us from Dal-

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nected with bones or joints but localized in inguinal fold,

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Orea>t«r Amperage tlian any Tomw on the Market.

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the lower margin of the pupil about the size of the head