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the Regulation of the Milk Supply in the Country. — J. F.
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Asiatic cholera and does not occur in other diseases. It is a spirochfeta,
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the air contained in the pulmonary alveoli. The action of
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Morphia.— Morphia may be identified by the following properties :— I. *
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are to be recommended in cases of inveterate sciatica.
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than the tubercle bacillus, do not give rise to the devel-
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through the mother to her male offspring, the daughters, like their
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Synonym. — Monocystidea Stein. No epimerite and no septa.
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attributed by the advocates of the physiological doctrine. It is not, however,
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part to the tumour; nor was there any pain experienced, ex-
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and the latter are fiUed by small, firm plugs of coagulated fibrin, to
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(iresyslolic and auricular systolic are indifl'erently ap-
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0 )>am, H. 7 -olan, H. 8 e£e, H. 9 nomine#, H. ; 7 engle
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sending all patients to an asylum whenever the existence
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cartilaginous structure, resembling ordinary scirrlius ; cutting before the
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in producing hippuric acid. This rule does not extend to the
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economy is carried at the lowest rate of tension compatible with
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tions are still in progress, and it is hoped that many antiquities
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the shape of letters purporting to have been written by
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" The Committee propose, therefore, that on the 23d of
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nails, from behind forwards are thickened, inelastic, hard, rough, and
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amount of urine. In addition, it was noted that there was some looseness of the
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tiie mother and those of the foetus, and that the blood
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many wrongs committed in the ordinary concerns of human
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several times. There was an enormous cystocele, which
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the right side than on the left, but on both sides it %cas
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disease, and the diagnosis was often very difficult in the earlier stages.
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operation, and point of injection. 5th. Cases treated in
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figures in Table, p. 62, show that on May 8 to 19 the admissions of
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