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cases of hydrosalpinx and pyosalpiux, N. 'York M. .J,,

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If we are called upon to deal with a case of " organic " dementia, or a

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were used to arrest it, and a speculum examination was proposed, and

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completely soluble in a 1 per cent solution at room temperature.

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Sympathetic ophthalmitis. Maritime M. News, Halifax,

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instances, has been known to become as inveterate an indulgence

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case of dilation of the colon in a boy 6 years old, the

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may escape recognition, if a close examination be not made.

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long time exposed to air before coming under the hand of the

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important factors in determining the effects of an embolus. Thus, embolism

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Symptoms on Admission. — On admission he complained of frequent cough and

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It is quite unnecessary for our purposes to enter into

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The microscopical studies of various tissues and organs have shown

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considered to be under observation up to their most recent

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veniences devised for you, and by means of which you will be

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un^l it is too late. In any other portion of the tube rupture

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suddenly swelled and became painful and tender. On taking the

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tion of benzoic and citric acids to assist the action of

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of disturbed innervation, there are almost always signs of intense

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dare to attribute to her those earthly imperfections which Poesy had

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not detect the cause ? And as surely as effects spring from causes,

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Dr. Charles J. Bacon, Fulton, president; Drs. Earl D. Fuller,

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fever, we are reading that it was Dr. Graves's plan to administer anti-

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If a person gets into the habit of taking a lunch between

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ErH.soiofilCii. Society of Loxdos, Sp.ra. H. H. H.jworth, K-q., "On

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The affected lung may contain numerous cavities. Pulmonary induration

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habit of calling yourself to account each evening to ascertain

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various small instruments and treatment room supplies.

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work on Disorders of Speech is by far the most thoughtful and suggestive

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tsvo pints of pus, which was discharged per rectum every

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hence the flesh of young domesticated animals is usually more tender

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pain having ceased, another difficulty arose. The patient had

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took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof."