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perature ranged high — 101.8° to 105.2° F. for a period
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malarial fever. He has practiced medicine in this region of
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sickness), Australia, Mexico, and South America. It occurs not only in
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tion was done, and when the time came that I told her that I had no hope for
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success from "gavage," you must begin the treatment
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the pathological process which is giving rise to the phenomena present.
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contest for the share of honors due her wealth, numbers, and facilities, and
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perature advised, 26-28° C. = 78-82° F. In no case should the fluid
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kidneys and renal blood-vessels by the ascites limits the secretion of
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port of cases and deaths from contagious diseases re-
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but are a little larger (0.075 to 0.05 mm.). The worm is very rarely found in man
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should grow to such a size as the one shown and not have,
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bladder. The muscular coat of the bladder appears to me to consist of two
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cases we note only a predisposition to yield to weak stimuli.
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determinations of the calcium and magnesium in the sera and
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in this wartime period has presented no problem. They continue to get it from the same G-E
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considerable disability in swallowing. Foodstuffs thus obtain access to the
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paralysis occur at the same time, that it is safe to diagnosticate an affection
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most discouraging things in the life of the specialist in nervous dis-
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possess an organ by which to effect a perforation or eating-
patient must be confined to Gruel, Arrow Eoot, Sago, Corn Starch,
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nine cases out of a hundred, these .sounds will be found to denote
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number of cells than in the cases with the low cell counts ; from this
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already widely known as the medical expert for Webster's Inter-
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upper extremity, the scrotum, the penis, or the labia majora.
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an hereditary tendency was probable ; so far, it resembles the three cases mentioned
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this is meant that there is a certain poison or strumous
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to the previous quantity. Talking and swallowing become easier. The
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the accumulation, and that the bulging is therefore at the sides rather than
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Hospital, Jjondon, and Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases of
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city, 729 persons, according to the annual report of