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use, cases of this kind have been of far more common occur-
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ought to be cleared out and not reoccupied until they
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or twelve grains, and one of six months in six or eight grains.
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Also, Reprint. — Vale (L. M.) Remarks on excision of
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cannot be, a competent or credible witness as to when I
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ment consisting of vea- solid, might be mtcrprcted as denved from the
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enced in places different fh>m those that are affected. These sensations do not seem to depend upon the inflneoce of
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"These Companies remind ug of the persons sentenced to I e
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that he feared the Council would never be able to lay down a
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them in their etiology as regards sex, age, and social posi-
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pelvic organs are well supplied with blood-vessels, and it must follow that
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liver. The notion bespeaks a radical defect in the Professor's
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inches. The degree of motion in the false joint remains to be proved.
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iodide, it is given on account of its value in absorbing inflam-
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that nothing else can prevail against it. At any rate,
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lives out of town, a correspondence is begun. At the
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f The constant appearance of capillary haemorrhages, in various parts, referred to in the
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habitual use, in consequence of its supposed tendency to the production
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disease in this connection. This disease was encoun-
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flammation, which affects chiefly the liver, spleen, heart,
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scaleni muscles, or whether the upper intercostal muscles also shared
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was suggested that Von Pettenkofer had in reality suffered from a mild
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from ordinary inorganic poisons ; and those qualities are well summed
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The skin over it is normal, but the subcutaneous veins are
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thigh, and in the diaphragm. It may also occur in the cardiac muscle. The
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medicine, but a variation in the disease or patient.
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fort of patients. The number of beds is at the present time limited